Fast, Accurate & Affordable Data Tools

(RE)meter offers a range of products through a seamless software platform—providing highly-credible data solutions for the Commercial Real Estate Industry.

Our Products

Assess Risk, Ensure Tenants and Protect Capital, in One Software

(RE)meter works to remove doubt, helps to foresee risk and establish solid transactions within the Commercial Real Estate industry. Our suite of products utilizes government-certified data to provide a streamlined lease underwriting process; efficient risk assessments and the ability to better protect investments through a simple, effective software platform. Each of (RE)meter's product results come in an easy-to-understand (RE)port.


TIL Score

The TIL Score is a credit score for the Commercial Real Estate industry. Whenever you are about to sign an office, retail or industrial lease, you need to run a TIL Score (RE)port. In 3 easy steps, you can ensure a potential tenant, in 15 minutes or less.


Industry (RE)port

A required data source for real estate professionals who want to understand trends of employment, establishments, rents, and key financial ratios for up to 1,100 industries in over 800 markets granular to zip code levels.

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Background Check

The (RE)meter background check is an essential tool for landlords. Our software pulls critical information on a potential tenant from liens and judgments to terrorist watch lists, allowing you to see their full background check in minutes.